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Miranda Hundley
Miranda Hundley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

The staff was so kind and comforting when I was terrified to get my wisdom teeth out. 5 star review for sure!

Melissa Kauble
Melissa Kauble

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

Took my mother today for oral surgery with IV sedation. The Dr and staff are exceptional. They were professional, courteous and kind. It is not my 1st experience with this surgery center nor will it be my last. I will always take my family there and highly recommend anyone who needs this type of service to check into them. I'm in the dental field myself and was very comfortable taking my loved ones there. Thanks again for your wonderful staff and services!

Kalen Reeve
Kalen Reeve

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Well i had to have my top wisdom teeth removed and i was almost 30, i knew it was going to be rough. I went in for the consultation and everyone was so nice even the dr. i went in for my actually surgery things were going ok i made everyone aware i was very nervous and i was going to do my best to be calm, the anesthesiologist went to look for a vein to start my meds....i pointed to the vein for her to use (because i am an MA and we all had to practice on each other a million times) she pointed to a very small vein (superficial) i said please dont use that its tiny and it hurts very bad when i am stuck there, she said ok. I fell asleep woke up feeling ok everyone was nice and helpful i looked down to notice the lady did in fact try to stick the smaller vein while i was asleep and blew it out....ok that fine no big deal ill heal. i proceed to go home and go to sleep woke up with very very intense pain my mom had gone to fill my pain meds...i get through the first day ok by the second day i was miserable, now mind i had surgery done on a thursday and was suppose to go back to work monday, i knew there would be some discomfort but it was very intense. i called them on monday telling them i was in a lot of pain and didnt know what to do they said they could not write me off work and to keep taking my meds....thats it. I had to go to my pcp in which looked at my bruised swollen and bloody mouth to write me off some more so i could recover...I ended up running out of pain meds and that was with taking them as prescribed...i called the office again explaining again nothing they could do...FINALLY after a week of pain i finally started to feel better but i had a foul smell and taste in my sinuses i for the 3rd time called them told them there was a problem...oh go see your pcp theres nothing we could do. for 6 months i had this smell in my sinuses while sucking down hockers i would get peices of bone fragments and tooth fragments through my sinuses, finally after going to my pcp 4x i finally got to a specialist who then told me i had infection dude to peices left there...well 8 months later this cleared up. through all this time i also noticed my last molar was very sensitive i assumed due to my surgery...nope its due to they left me with no gum behind my molar and my roots are exposed and hurt so bad...but there's nothing they can i have to get a gum graft...all iv got to say is you guys suck. you could have helped me and you chose not to now i am having to go through a whole lot just to be normal. I also work in the medical field and i never tell people there's nothing we can do i always try to help especially if people call me in tears because they are in pain. your MAs are just lazy flat out. I asked repeatedly for you guys to help me everytime i was turned away every single its 9 months later and i have to get a gum graft. this is ridiculous.

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