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Roxanne B
Roxanne B

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 days ago

WOW!! I mean, really....WOW! Let me explain......
I HATE dentists! NEVER had a good experience. Dr. Stern is a very no-nonsense kinda guy. I needed an extraction and him and the ladies here made every bit of my experience wonderful! I STRONGLY recommend these folks!

Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

Perfection. The negative reviews on this Doctor and his office staff are RIDICULOUS. This office was competent and completely 100% amazing. Erin, the woman at the front desk is so polite and wicked nice. I had misplaced my referral paper and I called as soon as they opened as to NOT WASTE THEIR TIME to inform her. That way if needed I could go back to Dr Bogan and pick up that paper. She took care of it with no problem. The reason people complain on here is due to their own stupidity. You receive the paperwork in the mail...FILL IT OUT LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO. After your consult, follow the guidelines like you're supposed to. The reason there are wait times is because people don't fill their paperwork out and follow simple instructions. After my consult I was given the amount due upon completion of my procedure. There are no shady prices here as I saw in another review. I have my surgery tomorrow and have complete faith in this office. So....good job to all your staff and to the doc. I give you guys an A+. Thank you so much! Michelle Leskovich

Harry Gandre
Harry Gandre

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

My first visit to an Oral Surgeon office in Ohio. The initial greeting was helpful and easy. Waiting in the lobby, I watched as a variety of patients were greeted for their consult or procedure, those leaving and the smooth process. Such a pleasant and helpful environment. My next visit with the nurse included great explanation and discussion about the process I will have soon with prep work for better denture success by my dentist. I was originally referred to another oral surgeon, but heard about the care and quality at this office and requested my details to be sent to Dr. Stern's office. I was totally impressed with my visit and the entire staff has a high level of customer service. Highly recommend and look forward to my coming procedure and associated follow up visits.

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