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Harry Gandre
Harry Gandre

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

My first visit to an Oral Surgeon office in Ohio. The initial greeting was helpful and easy. Waiting in the lobby, I watched as a variety of patients were greeted for their consult or procedure, those leaving and the smooth process. Such a pleasant and helpful environment. My next visit with the nurse included great explanation and discussion about the process I will have soon with prep work for better denture success by my dentist. I was originally referred to another oral surgeon, but heard about the care and quality at this office and requested my details to be sent to Dr. Stern's office. I was totally impressed with my visit and the entire staff has a high level of customer service. Highly recommend and look forward to my coming procedure and associated follow up visits.

Jennifer Kittredge
Jennifer Kittredge

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I cannot express how great my son's experience was at this office. He got his bony impacted wisdom teeth extracted on Friday. It is now Monday. My son took a total of four ibuprofen and iced his mouth. He was thrilled how easy his recovery was (as was I). He isn't taking anything now because he is not feeling any pain or remaining soreness. He didn't even swell at all. Everyone in the office is extremely kind and were patient and friendly with my son. This is the 1st Google review I've ever made for anyone. I was just so incredibly impressed.

Carol Ray
Carol Ray

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

I had a wisdom tooth extracted by Dr. Stern.
His staff was very competent and comforting. I am a very nervous patient and they helped calm me.
Dr. Stern was very patient with me and took the time to explain the procedure.
The process went very well and I was very pleased with the professionalism of the doctor and his staff
They were very attentive throughout from start to finish.
Afterward they check on you and make sure your driver is waiting by the door for you and they walk you out and assist you into vehicle.
In the evening the Doctor gave a well check phone call to make sure I was doing okay.
I highly recommend Dr. Stern and his very friendly and professional staff.

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