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Cherese McBeath
Cherese McBeath

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

My surgery went very well. The staff was very friendly and easy going. They addressed all my concerns before surgery. On the day of my surgery, They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. After surgery, they answered all questions for post-surgery care and even called to check on me. I think Dr. Stern truly cares for his patients. I healed perfectly with no issues. This office is great and I highly recommend. They are also just a group of fun loving people.

Kimbol Stroud
Kimbol Stroud

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I had a biopsy procedure performed last week by Dr. Stern. The location of the lesion was in a rather difficult place. Dr. Stern has excellent skills and a great "bedside manner". The staff was awesome...friendly, courteous and kind. Dr. Stern followed up with a personal call the evening of the surgery. And I just received another follow-up call to give me the good news that it was not cancerous! Many thanks to Dr. Stern and his wonderful crew!

David Schmidt
David Schmidt

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

To echo another reviewer's comments, I'd give ZERO stars if that were an option. DO NOT GO HERE, GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Staff is unprofessional and rude, wait times are unbearable and the location is horrible if you live anywhere but Powell. That said, my story...

I arrived on time and was given an unnecessary amount of paperwork which was redundant and asked for information that is completely unrelated. Why do they need a driver's license number??? I completed my paperwork in about 14 minutes and was told that I had missed my appointment by 14 minutes and that they'd TRY to work me back into the schedule. I asked why they didn't email or mail me the paperwork beforehand and was told that they did but to the wrong address (somehow my fault). They then reiterated that they TOLD me to arrive 15 minutes early on the phone and that I should have been there earlier.

No one ever told me to be there before the scheduled appointment time.

Furthermore, I asked why they don't include 15 minutes of paperwork for new patients in the appointment time, and they just looked at me blankly and said they TOLD me 15 minutes early on the phone. Again, no one ever told me to arrive earlier than my scheduled appointment time. I was made to feel like it was my fault, that I was unprepared and would have to pay the consequence and wait until 4 people that arrived after me had been seen (estimated an hour or so, probably more based on other review). I can't speak to the actual dentist here as I asked for all of my paperwork and referral documents back and left. But to echo the other reviewers, the staff is completely unprofessional and their system is poorly designed and executed. DO NOT GO HERE, GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Just because your dentist referred you to them does not mean you can't choose your own provider. I suggest reading reviews and looking through your provider's website to find an office that doesn't treat their customers this poorly. You shouldn't be made to feel like a burden or that you've made mistakes, all the while enduring the toothache that sent you to this horrible establishment in the first place. ZERO stars.

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