Before Intravenous Anesthesia Sedation

MEDICATION – If applicable, have all prescriptions filled and ready to take upon arriving home from surgery. If you are being pre-medicated for surgery, take the meds with water only.

  • Take all of your normal medications the morning of surgery, at least two hours prior to your appointment, with water only unless otherwise directed by Dr. Stern.

FOOD & DRINK – No food or drinks, including water, 8 hours before surgery. This includes gum, mints and candy.

NAIL POLISH- Remove nail polish and/or acrylic gel from both index fingers.

MAKE-UP- We ask that you do not wear make-up on the day of surgery.

BODY MOISTERIZING- Please do not wear lotion, oils or Vaseline on your body on the day of surgery.

JEWELRY – We ask that you do not wear any jewelry on the day of surgery.

PIERCINGS – Remove all facial and tongue piercing(s) before your surgery or you may be rescheduled.

CONTACT LENSES- We ask that you remove contact lenses prior to your surgery. Please bring eye glasses if necessary.

CLOTHING – YOU MUST WEAR A SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT and loose comfortable clothing. Shoes should be easy to walk in. Flip-flops, clogs and sandals are not recommended.

TRANSPORTATION – Have a responsible adult drive you to our office for your surgery. They must stay at our office while you are having surgery. If they drop you off or leave we will reschedule your surgery.

CANCELLATIONS – Notify the office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time for cancellations or rescheduling.

GENERAL ANESTHESIA OR I.V. SEDATION – If you have general anesthesia or IV sedation, you will need to have someone stay with you the day of surgery. If you have been lying down and need to get up, do so slowly as you may be dizzy. Also, have someone assist you when walking.

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